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Boues et Eaux, 34 rue des artisans 28630 Morancez France Phone + 33 2 37 33 00 33 Email: contact@boues-et-eaux.com
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Boues et Eaux, environment field consulting company. Boues et Eaux‘s activity involves the separation of liquids and solids either to destroy, retrieve or  valorized them. This concerns both the waste water and drinking water, garbage, acids and  bases, oils. Its mission is to find solutions tailored to your needs in various fields. - Water and sewage sludge treatment,  - Clarification of quarries, ponds and rivers waters,  - Conditioning of manufacturing sludge related to the steel, food processing, and industry      in general,  - Humidity regulation in agriculture and green areas,  - Design and manufacturing of dedicated machines,  - Automatisms, - As well as odors treatments, dusts, etc... Boues et Eaux‘s approach is to spend more time on sites in close collaboration with company  members. Once the problem solved by Boues et Eaux, its team also regularly follows up the customers  and gives them adapted trainings.  To perform its mission, Boues et Eaux has a laboratory for analysis, a meeting and training  room, a workshop to make piltot equipments and test the manufactured machineries..  Boues et Eaux has a product department to meet specific customer needs such as “non-toxic  goods” to fix dusts, goods used in industry that do not disturb the treatment plant downstream,  owned by the company or not.